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TKAACRNDWGClient - Editor - Fixed an issue where a pasted in screen shot obtained with the "Shift + Windows + S" key was larger than the actual display size. ...
JADGC5KJ84Client - Mac - Fixed an issue on Mac where Notes client could not connect to the server when connected over VPN. The error was "Unable to find path...
MSUNCYRKHTClient - Signatures - Improved the behavior of the Capture Signature dialog. The dialog no longer accepts an empty signature. The "Done" button is...
SAPLCVVGNNClient - 64 bit - Fixed an issue where the error "Insufficient memory - menu pool is full" may appear from different actions after installing Notes...
GMAA8EUHGHClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue that could occur when opening a calendar counter notice where the error "Field: 'tmpUseLongDate': Incorrect data...
JADGBBQPTGClient - Mail - Fixed a crash that could occur in the Notes client when issuing a cross certificate during web retrieval of a mail...
YCHACZR7QWClient - Security - Fixed an issue where custom password policy settings were not being enforced in Notes client. This regression was introduced in...
HNAKCZZ8YVClient - Printing - Fixed an issue where Client was giving the error "Unable to print" when tryting to print to pdf via Adobe PDF from partial...
SJOIC23H3HClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where update notices were not sent to the invitee if they were added to an already created recurring/repeating...
MMNDCAYMEMClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the Notes Client gave the error "An error occurred while saving: Note item not found" when trying to accept...
SANECLLJATClient - Discover Page - Fixed an issue where the INI $DISCOVER_HOMEPAGE=1 was not being honored when starting the client - the Discover Page was...
SJOID27EHRClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where removing an Office 365 invitee from an existing meeting using the "Remove Invitees" option was sending a...
SAPLCSQES8Client - Search - 64 bit client - Fixed an issue in the 64 bit Notes client where 'Windows Search' option was missing in preferences and also in the...
JMEAD3HMJLClient - Install - Fixed an issue where the Notes client was unable to startup due to notesbootstrap.dll being unsigned
NGRTCULDA7Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue with delegated mail file polling which could expose a server/cluster to a transaction storm on...
TKAAD26BCTClient - Editor - Improved image quality when pasting in a screenshot obtained with the Shift + Windows + S key. Pasting of an image also improved...
DNADD46LU5Client - Security - Fixed an issue where importing a TLS Credentails using PKCS12 (P12/PFX) using a file where no MAC was specified would result in a...
ANIACZD5MUClient - Editor - Fixed an issue in the Japanese Notes Client where copying and pasting a document link into the body of a message resulted in the...
RMAACW4EMAClient - Security - Fixed an issue where the Notes client was hanging when setting up Notes Federated Login.
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